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Kieler Woche Tall Ship Parade

Best Viewpoints for Visitors and Photographers

by Mark Zanzig and Oliver Staack
Released July 12, 2012

Kiel Week 2013 Tall Ship Parade


Friedrichsort (Falckenstein)

This is certainly the best place to see the Tall Ship Parade on the western part of Kiel. You have to drive up to Friedrichsort and then head for Falckensteiner Strand (the beach). Ideally, you can make it to the lighthouse, where you are closest to the parade. You need to be here early, because there is only a very limited number of parking lots available, and the cars queue in an seemingly endless row back into Friedrichsort!

Tip for photographers: Bring your longest Telephoto lens (ideally 400 mm or more) to the Falckenstein lighthouse, so you can capture the parade from the front.



At the very end of the Kanalstrasse, right next to Tiessenkai, you'll have another lighthouse and an okayish view across the Kieler Förde. The ships do not pass as close as in Falckenstein, though. But with a bit of luck you also see the front of the parade.

By the way, the Tiessenkai also provides a romantic view on the past: Before entering the Kiel Canal, or leaving for the Baltic Sea, ships could buy food, fuel, and (almost) everything else they needed for the next leg of their trip. Add to that the nearby military base (now significantly reduced in size), and you can imagine that this was one of the "darker corners" of Kiel. This has all changed now, and it is quite nice to take a walk from the lighthouse along the Kiel Canal (towards the high bridges).



There is a small spot close to the entry of the Kiel Canal where you have beautiful views across the water. It is exactly where the official camp site for Motorhomes is, so there will be plenty of people watching, but I am sure you will manage to get a nice place. Here is the official site.



The entire area along the Kiellinie and Hindenburgufer will provide you with good views, but you will see the parade just from the side, which makes it less impressive. Then again, if you want to avoid the trip to Friedrichsort or Holtenau, this is the place to be.



The entire area along the waterfront of Mönkeberg will also provide you with good views, again just from the side and potentially quite far away.



There is one beautiful spot -the U-Boot-Ehrenmal in Möltenort- where you get really close to the parade, but usually you won't get a frontal view (as you do in Falckenstein).



From the marina south of Laboe you will have an excellent view, and the parade will pass rather close to your location. Access to the marina can be difficult (boat owners and guests only), but you will also have nice views from the neighborhood and from the long beach.


Preparation Area

At the end of the Kieler Förde is the "Preparation Area". Here, the lineup for the parade will be done, so expect a lot of activity. While this is a beautiful sight in itself, you should be aware that you will probably not experience a "parade" here. You will see the tall ships leaving the city center - from behind. Thus, the really attractive viewpoints are in Holtenau, Falckenstein, and Laboe.


Tall Ship Parade Kiel 2012
The best experience is on the water on a boat / Photo: Staack

Tall Ship Parade Kiel Falckenstein
Falckenstein Lighthouse attracts a lot of photographers capturing
the Tall Ship Parade / Photo: Oliver Staack

Tall Ship Parade Kiel
A view from the side can be beautiful, too / Photo: Oliver Staack

Tall Ship Parade Kiel
See them all pass on their way to the Baltic Sea / Photo: Staack

Tall Ship Parade Kiel
The Holtenau Lighthaus is located at the end of Tiessenkai and
provides good views across the Kieler Förde / Photo: Staack

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